Baby, I like it Raw !

Yes, we do! The reason we love Raw Indian hair at Bomb Bae is because of its natural look, feel and density. Although it has a reputation of being dry, that's due to being cut from its donor. Outside of that, the pros exceedingly outweigh the cons. The pros being that the hair is what it is and what it always will be, RAW!  Its 100% unprocessed human hair and comes in its most natural form. No two Raw hair bundles are the same and that's what makes it unique. Coming from a single donor, raw hair will vary in wave or curl pattern consistency. This hair is best for blending with natural hair depending on the hair type of course. While this hair is more coarse textured in comparison to Brazilian hair, it is best fitting because it can be treated as your own, requires less bundles for installation due to its density, withstands more coloring and lightening processes than Brazilian hair before becoming damaged and it simply lasts years longer. The cons? It requires more TLC than a bundle of other hair origins.